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Photographs of the Isle
This photo was uploaded by Paul Sinnott.
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Paul believes this to be a photo of John and Jane Lig (née Tweed, née Margrave). The family were living in Garthorpe when all 8 children were born between 1853 and 1866. Jane originated from Garthorpe.

Jane Margrave (of Garthorpe), married William Tweed at Luddington on the 20th Feb 1844

Jane Tweed(25) married John Lig (25, of Garthorpe) on the 19th May 1853

They are shown to have had 8 children between 1853 and 1866

This photo was taken in Luddington Churchyard, and is the resting place of those shown on the above image.
( Paul Sinnott)
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This photo on the right, was sent in to us and it is a Roll of Honour of  the "Crowle Boys". sent in by Keith Hill. He says that the second photo from the bottom in the extreme right hand column is of his uncle, Fred Hill, who was in the 11088 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and was killed in action at Delville Wood on 15 September 1916 aged 19 yrs.

This Daguerreotype was bought from an Antique Shop in Haxey / Westwoodside many years ago by one of out members. Does anyone recognise any of the faces. For anyone who does not know what a Daguerreotype is, it is an early type of photograph in which the image was exposed directly onto a mirror-polished surface of silver bearing a coating of silver halide particles deposited by iodine vapor. In this case the photo is on tin plate, but can also be found on glass.

If anyone can shed any light on the photo, please get in touch with us here
This is a newspaper clipping  from the Goole Times in 1912 of Richard and Susannah Crawshaw (nee Leggott) of Garthorpe.
Looking at the Adlingfleet records, they were married on the 27th April 1862 both aged 21. He was born at Haldenby and baptised at Crowle on the 27th September 1840 to William & Ann Crawshaw. He was buried at Luddington on the 22nd March 1916 age 75. Susannah was born  at Luddington and baptised also at Luddington on the 18th April 1841 to John & Elizabeth Leggott. She was buried at Luddington on the 12th July 1924 age 84.

Of their 14 children as shown in the clipping, I have come across 4 so far:-
Thomas Scales b.1863 d.1940
James b.1865
Benjamin Leggott b.1874 d.1874
William b.1877
Julie Ellard has sent us this photo. She thinks the little girl is Hannah Maria Rushforth and one of the men is her father, Samuel. He was a quaker. If the little girl is Hannah Maria then she thinks the photo was taken about 1871. The Rushforths moved to Crowle between the 1861 and 1871 census and on the 1881 census they lived at 36 South End, Crowle. If anyone can shed any light on the photo please get in touch with Julie at (Remove the word "SPAM" from the address.
This photo has been sent in to us by society member Keith Newton. It is of a Threshing Machine set at Churchtown, Belton prior to 1938. The set belonged to F W Johnson, of Churchtown, Belton and it is thought that he is the man standing against the traction engine. The two men on the engine are thought to be Albert and William Johnson, his two sons.
William Arthur Leggott's drapers shop 'Leggott's Warehouse' in Belton.

(Sent in by Mr Eric Hair)
Carrie Bramford

(Sent in by Eric Hair)
The marriage of Jonathan Pearson to Kate Johnson.

(L to R) James Johnson, Eliza Johnson (? bridesmaid), Jonathan Pearson, Kate Johnson, Christine Dale (Sister of Eliza), (?).

(Sent in by Eric Hair)