We recently placed an order for a new print of the MS in a Red Box. This has now arrived and is on sale either by ordering it from the Web Site or at any society monthly meeting. It can also be purchaced at any of the local Family History Fairs that the society attends. The price has had to be slightly increased to cover the cost of printing.

For those who have never heard of it, it is a book that was written about life on and around the Isle of Axholme in the early sixteen hundreds.

One day in April 1903 a parcel arrived at a publishers in London, without a title and without any mention of who had even written it.  After a month or so, still no one had come forward to claim it as been their work, so the publishers sent it for a reading. It was decided to go ahead and print the work, and it was named "Manuscript in a Red Box" because the manuscript actually arrived at the printers in a red box. The author was never found, but many letters were sent to the printers trying to claim the popular publication.

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Manuscript in a Red Box