3. In the "Open" box, type- C:\Program Files|NBI2"\HDSetup.exe and click OK.
The program will ask you then to install each CD onto your Hard Drive, just follow the prompts as shown below.
National Burial Index - Hard Drive Installation
(Including Installation under Windows VISTA)

For this you need at least 2.5Gb of space available on your Hard Drive.
(If you are using Windows Vista please read below).

Many of you may not know that you can use the NBI without having to swap the CD's around between searches.For this you copy all the contents of the 4 CD's to your Hard Drive and search the whole of the National Burial Index from 1538 to 2003 without having to swap discs. You will however need to have Disc 1 inserted in your CD drive for this to work.

Heres how it's done.
1. Install the NBI on your computer as normal, (if you already have it installed go to 3).
Leave CD 1 in your CD drive for now.
2. When the installation has finished, go to your "Start" button and select "RUN".

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Windows VISTA Installation

The NBI was originally not designed to run on windows VISTA, so some new setting need to be applied to allow the program to work on this system.
When you have installed the NBI on your computer you need to give the program certain rights that only a computer administrator usually has.
To do this:-
1. Go to the "Start" and click on "All Programs" Find the "Family History" folder and click it once which will bring up the NBI Second Edition link.
2. Right click over the link and choose "Open file location".
3. Right click the file called "NBIVIEW" and click "Properties" and then click the "Compatibility" tab at the top.
4. Near the bottom under the heading "Privilege Level" click the box next to the "Run this program as an Administrator" and then click OK.
5. Do the same as above in 2 & 3 with the file named "HDSetup"

The NBI will then run under Windows VISTA. You can now follow the instructions as above and and make the program run from the Hard Drive.

Each time a disc has been installed it will highlight in red.
When all four CD's have been installed (as shown below), you will now be able to run the program from your Hard Drive
Start the main program and when it is loaded you will have to change the settings to complete the change.

On the menu at the top, open the "Tools" menu and open the "User Setup". Select "Hard Disc Operation" and then click OK.

You will now notice at the bottom left of the main screen that the program is now set to search using the Hard Disc between 1538 to 2003 as shown below. You are now ready to use the program without having to change CD's.