And how to transfer them between programs

Gedcom files (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) are industry standard data files that can be transfered between any family history programs the likes of Family Tree Maker, Generations, Brothers Keeper etc. You may find that you like one program for inputting genealogy data and another for when you want to print out family reports and trees. Below is a description how to transfer these GEDCOM files between these programs.



To import a Gedcom file into Family Tree Maker
At the moment I am using the new Family Tree Maker 2008 and Windows Vista, so the images below may differ in colour to those you have but the input boxes should be very similar and have the same layout.

Start the program and locate the "File" menu near the top of the screen and click "File / Import As New Tree..."
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As shown in the next image below, use the "Choose file to Import" to find the file that you want to import and then click the "Open" button. The file you request will be converted from a Gedcom file into a data format that Family Tree Maker can read.
To Export a file from Family Tree Maker back into a GEDCOM

Go to the "File" menu near the top of the screen and chose "Export".
On the right hand side of the box chose the "Output Format" as GEDCOM 5.5 and click OK.
Insert a filename at the bottom of the window that you want the file to be called and click "Save". The file will then be saved as a Gedcom file that will be compatable with all other Family Tree Programs.

Brothers Keeper

Below is the main Import/Export for Gedcom files in Brothers Keeper. A similar screen to search and choose the Gedcom file you want to load to that in Family Tree Maker.