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Family Bibles

After coming across a few family bibles while perusing the local auctions and car boot sales, I decided to try and find families that would appreciate them for what they are and the information that they had hidden between their pages. After giving their details in an article in our quarterly magazine, the first two bibles soon found their way back to their original families who were very pleased to give them a new home.

It all started while I was looking down the rows of car boot sales, when I came across a bible, laying in the damp grass next to a pasting table. I picked it up and opened the front cover to find a list of births marriages and deaths assosiated with a family name from the Lincolnshire area. As I did not have a family bible that survived from my ancestors, I thought I would pay the stallholder the five pounds they wanted for it, gambling, that I hoped that I could do a bit of research into the family and return it to members of the family who were the closest to those mentioned in its pages. It wasn't long before these members came forward and after a few emails, they were reunited once again.

As this seems to be a rewarding and informative project, I thought I would make a page dedicated to these bibles that I find, and also make the project available to anyone else who is in possession of a family bible that would like it to return to the immediate family. I will list a few of the details of any new bibles that are looking for a new home, and if you see anything that relates the information to your family I will do my best to reunite you with it. All we ask is that the new owners reemburse me with the cost of the bible and the postage, which is aroung fifteen pounds.

If you have a bible that you would like to find a new home for, send me the details and I will add them to this page, and hopefully we can find it a new owner.

Bibles I have at the moment looking for new homes are:-

DAVIES. (Ex Car Boot 6)

John Edward Davies, born on 16th October 1847 is the first entry, with Elizabeth Ann born 1872, Sarah Hannah born 1874. The last entry is of John Alfred Davies born 1890. There are a few more entries, but I will keep a few just so I can verify them if anyone wants to claim it. It doesn't mention any birth places

BLOODWORTH (Ex Car Boot 5)

John Bloodworth Born 4th July 1842. (South Lincolnshire) It does state which town\village he was born in but I will keep that hidden so as to confirm a blood line.
His name is written in the front of this bible in very intricate handwriting.

HAYNES / BOOTH (Ex Car Boot 5)

A bible presented to an Ann Haynes on her marriage by her friend and teacher Miss Lambert. Shows her marriage to Richard Booth in 1881, and the birth of their 3 children. What is also recorded is the death of one of the children, and the placing of the other two in the Nutter Orphanage in Bradford and the dates they left. Having a quick look on the 1911 census, the two siblings are back living together at 112 Osborne Street, Bradford.