We are only a small, but very friendly society and will try and help you as much as we can while you search for those lost ancestors you have in the Isle. We do have a very extensive collection of transcribed Baptism, Marriage  and Death records, and also a growing number of Census transcriptions.

For those who either don't have a clue or have not even heard of the Isle of Axholme, the two maps on the right and below should give you some idea exactly where we are. The Isle of Axholme is in the north-western corner of the old county of Lincolnshire and is separated from the rest of the county by the River Trent which forms its eastern boundary. To the north and west it is separated from Yorkshire by the Old River Don, whilst its southern border with Nottinghamshire is defined by the River Idle.

The Isle of Axholme covers an area of approximately 80 square miles, (or just in excess of 200 sq km). It is mainly a level area, once covered in marshland, until the 17 century when it was drained and reclaimed by Dutchman, Cornelius Vermuyden.
Welcome to the Isle of Axholme FHS Web Site. We hope you find some of the information on the following pages of interest, and it helps you on your way to compiling your family tree.

We are alway happy to greet new members to the society, be they 1 mile or 10,000 miles away from this small corner of the County of Lincolnshire.

We do have a very extensive collection of booklets, produced by our members ranging from the Parish Registers of all 12 parishes of the Isle to nearly all the census transcriptions between 1841 and 1901. We also have Bishops Transcripts, Monumental Inscriptions and many local publications.

We do have other projects on the go at the moment, one of which is the transcribing the graveyard layout of St Andrews Church in Epworth, first done by Mr Foster Barnes and published in the earliest editions of the Epworth Bells dating back to 1873. We are in the process of compiling a detailed map of the churchyard that will acompany the transcription in the finalised publication which will be out later this year.

Also in the process of been transcribed are the Births Marriages and Deaths, along with a few other snippets taken from the Epworth Bells, again dating back to 1873. These BMD's are often very helpful to the family historian, as they sometimes contain information about other family members, and sometimes exactly where the event actually happened. As this is a very time consuming project, we may feel that booklets including a decade of data may be produced in order that this information can be released as early as possible. Part one of the project will most probably cover from June 1873 to December 1879. As soon as we have prepared the index it will be displayed on the Web Site.

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On the left is a map of the Isle of Axholme showing the location of all 12 parishes.

The Isle of Axholme originally comprised of the eight parishes of: Althorpe, Belton, Crowle, Epworth, Haxey, Luddington, Owston and Wroot. During the mid-nineteenth century however, four of the original eight parishes were split and new parishes created, bringing the total number to twelve.

The new parishes were:
Amcotts, created in 1850 from part of Althorpe.
Eastoft, created in 1855 from part of Crowle.
Garthorpe, created in 1866 from part of Luddington.
West Butterwick, created in 1841 from part of Owston.

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